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Zanzi Bar & Restaurant !

Zanzi Bar & Restaurant is unlike many others. You just need to come and have the experience!

We present an international kitchen. We serve food that has its origin from all over the world. Some dishes are well known, while others may be a complete surprise.
And although some of our dishes may resemble Nouvelle Cuisine, other dishes can be quite voluptuous and Burgundish.

Our goal is to give our customers a nice experience. We try to achieve this not only by the quality of the food, but also by creating a cosy atmosphere and of course an optimal
service. In every aspect we will do our utmost to achieve this. And if something is not up to your standards of quality, please tell us!

Besides our à la carte menu we will regularly also offer menus - sometimes buffets - from different countries from all over the world: Caribbean, Chinese, Mexican, Indonesian, Greek, Hungarian and more. These extra menus will be available for only one weekend each month. And some even only for a limited amount of servings.

Curious? Follow us on Facebook or our website and we will inform you in time about what we have planned.

We wish you a nice experience!

Zanzi Bar & Restaurant
Paul van den Boom & Gerd Norunn Vangsnes

You can reach us from Bergen by car in approx. 2 hours, just off the RV 570 trunk road between Sløvåg and Duesund (see page ‘contact’ fur further information). 

For additional information you can send us an email at info@zanzi-bar-restaurant.no or simply call us: +47 99 07 46 12

(English, German, French, Dutch and of course Norwegian spoken)

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Zanzi Bar & Restaurant
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